Minister Chris Said makes co-financing donation at museum site

Wednesday, January 23, 2013 at 9:48pm

Minister Said Visit Donation

During his visit to the Museum site earlier today, Minister Chris Said commented that he was most impressed with what he saw.  Project Coordinator Mgr Joseph Farrugia explained the more important features and the vision behind this cultural centre finally costing well over a million euro, due to be inaugurated within a month.

Both Mgr Farrugia and Dr Said emphasised the essential input by volunteers, some of whom were present.  Then the Project Coordinator listed the next steps, including the setting up of the showcases and the fitting of the audiovisual equipment.

Minister Said also handed over a further cheque in the NGO Co-Financing Scheme to FBV Chair Antoine Vassallo, the Project Leader.

Minister Said Visit

More photos on this link.